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As a traditional piece of Indian attire, sarees remain a staple choice in women’s closets across the globe. Ayush Kejriwal celebrates the deep cultural ties that they have through his range of stunning luxury sarees, available here online.

Ayush takes a careful approach to designing and manufacturing sarees, leading to a wide selection of styles that are suited to any occasion. His designer sarees collection offers more simple choices for everyday wear, as well as intricate, patterned detailing for special occasions like an engagement or wedding.

Regardless of the style, all Ayush Kejriwal’s Handcrafted sarees have one thing in common – they are produced through skilled handwork, handwoven into luxurious fabrics, like silk, that make you look and feel beautiful. Every item is highly versatile in the hundreds of ways you can drape and style them to suit your personality.

Discover the collection on offer at Ayush Kejriwal, worn and loved by women across the world.