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Mrinal – A Story Of Self Love And Courage.

Inspiration to this series came from the story ‘Mrinal ki Chitthi’ from the show ‘Stories by Rabindranath Tagore’ which is about a progressive woman who leaves the house of her regressive husband and in-laws. The story is told in epistolary form where Mrinal writes a letter to her husband expressing the many ways in which she felt suffocatingly subordinated. Unlike other members of the household who unquestionably accepts the patriarchal system, Mrinal’s education does not allow her to do the same.

After a chain of tragic events, Mrinal realises that women have no freedom in an oppressive society where women are considered inferior. Mrinal says, “I am not just the youngest daughter in law of your house. I am me… It took me 15 years to understand the position of women in your house and your society… I want to breathe freely now”.

For our visual series, we picked up the story from where the episode ends. The visual series revolves around a typical day in the life of Mrinal and how it has changed from what it used to be some time ago, where her identity was just reduced to being somebody’s wife. Now, she has taken the reigns of writing her own narrative, where she is free to indulge in the wonders of all the million possibilities of what her life can be. But more than anything else, the possibility of her life being her own.

We hoped that Mrinal’s story will resonate with people who are at crossroads in their lives. Our aim was to empower people to help them make the right decisions for themselves, just like Mrinal, no matter how difficult they may seem. After all, life is all about the choices we make.

Inspired from the episode ‘Mrinal ki Chitthi’ from the show ‘Stories by Rabindranath Tagore.