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Opinions are to be ignored

Opinions are to be ignored

I’ve never cared much for opinions. Maybe that makes me seem arrogant but I think it’s a sign of self confidence. People will always have opinions about how others look or about what they wear – these types of opinions are to be ignored. I see it as part of my job to ignore opinions.

I don’t worry too much about whether my products will be liked. I receive critical messages on social media almost daily about how my designs look, my choice of models, my approach to business and the views and attitudes that I express. People have the right to their opinions but I have the right to ignore them. It would be a distraction to focus on negativity; I choose to focus on the positive comments that I receive in equal measure.

This is my story and I will narrate it in the fashion that I see fit. I will tell my story using the images and symbolism which I decide speak loudest and I will be unapologetic about it. It is your choice whether you want to immerse yourself in my story and I hope you do. However, opinions are of little consequence to me and won’t change the central meaning of my story. Having opinions is not a problem however offering them up unsolicited most definitely is.

This is my opinion – take it or leave it.

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