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Difference between a single ikkat and a double ikkat patola saree?

Difference between a single ikkat and a double ikkat patola saree?

The patola fabric is rightly called the king of textiles as it never fades. It epitomizes weaving perfection and is one of the finest textiles of India. The process of weaving a patola saree is tricky, it requires mathematical precession, patience and a creative vision. A patola saree looks the same from both sides, it is not faded on one side, unlike other handwoven textiles.

It takes the combined effort of four weavers anywhere between four to six months, sometimes even more, to weave a single patola saree. Patola is one the most exquisite form of ikkat and stands out from other ikkats developed in South East and Central Asia. It is considered sacred in many cultures.

I deal in two kinds of Patola – Single Ikkat Patola and Double Ikkat Patola (Patan Patola)

Difference between a single ikkat patola saree and a double ikkat patan patola saree?

The way single ikkat and double ikkat sarees are woven are completely different. Interweaving tied and dyed warp are inserted in the plain weft to create the ikkat patola pattern in single ikkat sarees. Whereas is in double ikkat patola sarees both the warp threads and weft are dyed separately and then woven together to create the design, thus taking double the amount of time. Also, double ikkat patola sarees are more vibrant and brighter in colours.

It’s worth noting that double ikkat patan patola sarees are far more expensive compared to single ikkat ones and that is because of the time and effort taken to weave them.

Are single ikkat patola sarees of inferior quality?

I wouldn’t say that.

I work with some amazing weavers in Gujarat who are able to weave single ikkat patola sarees with very vibrant colours and patterns, by offering these to my clients I am able to make beautiful patolas more accessible as everyone cannot afford a double ikkat patan patola.

I stock both kinds of patolas and do not look down upon single ikkat sarees. It is needless to say that double ikkat patola sarees are unbeatable but single ikkat sarees are not a bad alternative and are kinder to the wallet as well.

I like adding embellished borders and gota pattis to the patola sarees. I provide all my clients with two blouse pieces with the patola sarees one in line with the colour of the saree and another contrasting piece, it adds to the drama.

How should one style a patola saree?
There is no hard and fast rule as to how one should wear a patola saree. I personally love the vibrant colours alongside bold chunky dual-toned jewellery and genda phool gajras. Dark bold eyes with khol and lush glossy lips with big nose pins really adds to the charm. One think I do not like paring with patolas is diamonds, for some reason it just does not work for me.

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