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Tips for wearing dark lipstick

Tips for wearing dark lipstick

I am obsessed with bold dark lipsticks and I often use them whilst styling my muses. Styling with dramatic dark tones can be intimidating—and messy. 

Don't worry though, if you remember a few basics you can easily create a bold look that makes a statement without looking OTT.

I hope some of the tips shared below will help you wear deep tones with confidence.

  1. Focus on you skin undertone as a guide when selecting a shade rather than your actual skin tone. Women with cool, or pink undertones should choose a warmer-toned lipstick with red hues. Whilst women with warmer olive or golden undertones should pick shades with a blue base. 

  2. I LOVE glossy lips. Matte lips are ideal for daytime and can easily be up cycled with gloss for an evening look. Going glossy has more of a seventies feel, which I prefer.

  3. Do not forget to moisturize and exfoliate your lips. It is important for them to be hydrated and the surface to be smooth for the dark lipstick to look flawless. if you're prone to chapped lips or flaking, the super - dark pigments may settle into dry patches, resulting in an uneven look. Trust me you don't want that.

  4. Keep the rest of your make up simple. You don't want to look like a devil. Just don't forget to wear your pearls of confidence and your gorgeous smile as added accessories.

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