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Happy Is Beautiful

Whenever I see airbrushed women showcased in mainstream media I can’t help but wonder why brands showcase people in such an unrealistic way and set standards that are not achievable. I feel brands play with people’s insecurities and try to evoke a sense amongst people that something is lacking in them and they need to buy a certain commodity or service to make themselves feel and look better. I simply find this uncouth. My aim has never been to fill my pocket by making someone feel bad about who they are. I believe my brand promotes the importance of being both real and realistic.

I can bring a positive change in this world and still make a living. I have never had criteria for choosing people who will feature in work. My job is to bring the best out in everyone irrespective of their shape, colour or size. Nature does not discriminate; beautiful flowers of all kinds grow on the brown soil, who the hell am I to choose what is considered beautiful and what is not! So here are some pictures of the most beautiful women in the world who are having fun and spreading their infectious joy.