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Ayush Kejriwal

Ayush Kejriwal

Welcome to my virtual space!

I am so pleased that you have taken some time out to find out more about me and my creations.

My brand is an organic extension of myself and I like it that way. My way of doing things may be slow in pace but my approach is thoughtful, resourceful, determined, and tenacious.

The Ayush Kejriwal brand is driven by values of creativity, experimentation, and passion for cultural diversity. It is unconventional and flies in the face of cliched fashion trends. Ayush Kejriwal is not fashionable; the brand is all about style.

I am a designer, stylist, artist, and storyteller. It is my aim to influence hearts and minds and to contribute to positive change.

My creations are so closely entwined with the narratives of my everyday life and the narratives of my imagination that each one is precious and an extension of me.

Please have fun exploring my virtual space and I sincerely hope you feel inspired by the content and leave feeling great about yourself. Perhaps you will also come across something beautiful and inspiring in my online store which can become yours.

Thank you for the love, support, and encouragement.

Lots of love,
Ayush Kejriwal