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Who Made Your Clothes

Meet the people who made your clothes, the wind beneath my wings.

Jahangir Bhai

(Jahangir Mallick, Age – 52yrs, Location – Kolkata)

Jahangir Bhai was one of the first person to become a part of my team in 2013. He is my master tailor and my go-to man for anything and everything. Nothing is too much of a trouble for this wonderful man and he always answers the phone by saying ‘ Good Morning, Bhaiya. Kya haal hai?’, he says that even if I call him in the evening. It’s always morning for him, how cute is that?

Zulfikar Bhai

(Zulfikar Mallick, Age – 67, Location – Puruliya)

Zulfikar Bhai is a man of few words. No matter how hard I try I cannot make him smile. He can be very grumpy at times but he has a heart of gold. He does all my sitar and sequins embroidery and he has a very good eye for details. Whenever I do a shoot he is there to make sure that all the clothes are ironed to perfection and he keeps the house in order. Considering he is the eldest in our family he does boss around all the other karigars and trust me they don’t mess with him ?

Hasibul Bhai

(Shiekh Hasibul, Age – 37, Location – Poali)

Hansibul Bhai is a magician. He does all my dori work, zardozi embroidery, tila, and pitta work. His sketching is simply outstanding, when I work on motifs he creates the most accurate khakas that are then converted into the stunning embroidered borders and pallus that you see on my clothes. Oh yes and he loves being a part of the shoots, when we do shoots he is the one who is never shy in front of the camera. He has the most cutest little girl ever, she recognizes me and always says hello when we do our daily video calls. He is absolutely adorable.

Sujjaudin Bhai

(Sirajul Halder, Age – 45, Location – Khanpur)

The tallest in the lot both in terms of his height and his personality Sujauddin Bhai demands to be paid attention. All the others in the team lovingly call him ‘lambu’. He does all my machine embroidery work and the only one who calls me Bhai Saheb (I love it!). He joined our family 3 years ago and I don’t know how I survived without him before that?! Oh by the way he makes the best butter chicken in the World.


(Sharif Mallick, Age – 23, Location – Kolkata)

Sharif, a handsome young lad who has recently joined our family. He is the son of Jahangir Bhai and is very popular with the ladies. He helps me with all my stock-taking, shopping and is the main man in the shoots. He is also responsible for making sure all the clothes are triple-checked before they are sent to me. He has recently finished his graduation and he is exploring his options, in the meantime, he is happy to have some fun and I am more than happy to have him with us for as long as he wants to stay.

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Thank you for the love, support, and encouragement.
Lots of love, Ayush Kejriwal