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Rules are meant to be broken

Rules are meant to be broken

As my business has grown, the number of people following me on social media has increased. However, not all followers are fans and I have often detected something of a love-hate relationship on my social media platforms. I actually view this dynamic as being healthy and it reflects the fact that I am not preoccupied with being liked; I am motivated to design pieces which uniquely reflect my story and I am here to do business in a manner which is direct and upfront. This approach is not for everyone but it’s the way that I do things.

I don’t use sales pitches or try to convince anyone that they need my designs. I’m not doing anyone a favour by designing clothing and nobody is doing me a favour when they decide to make a purchase. The transactions which take place between me and my customers are equatable – my customers reach out to me because they love the pieces that I have poured my heart and soul into and they want to own them. I never grovel or offer discounts to close a sale; the laws of attraction always seal the deal.

My approach might seem overly direct or even arrogant but I’m simply running my business on my terms with honesty and integrity. I am not just selling clothes; I am sending a story out into the universe with a sense of confidence that the laws of attraction will ensure it reaches those who will truly appreciate it and be inspired to reach out to me in return. My approach is one of mutual respect which seeks to empower others, challenge prejudice and change mindsets while fulfilling my passions.

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