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An Unpolished ‘Amateur’

An Unpolished ‘Amateur’

A scrap of fabric found in Rome, a pattern spotted during a trip to Varanasi, or a picture for sale at Berlin flea market – you never know when inspiration will strike. My imagination is constantly fueled by my everyday experiences of life regardless of where I happen to be in the world. This inspiration is woven into each and every single piece that I design.

I am constantly amazed by the extraordinary world around me and I have an aversion to the ordinary. I want to make people smile through my designs and through my stories. It’s hard work and I strive every day to exceed expectations but working hard does not mean that I don’t have fun in the process. I get so much pleasure from playing with and re-imagining classic shapes, materials, details, and finishes.

I don’t rely on celebrity endorsement, I am more interested in drawing inspiration from historical figures with distinct stories to tell. I seek inspiration from those who have achieved extraordinary feats and who have viewed the world from unique perspectives. I am real and my clothes are an expression of my imagination and sense of style. Are you true to yourself? Is your sense of style unfettered by societal norms and expectations? Are you bold enough to be who you really are?

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