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I absolutely love the fine art of Kalamkari. ‘Kalam’ the pen that is used to draw the beautiful patterns on the fabric, is made by using bamboo sticks. It is sharpened by using a cutter. The kalam is sharpened from the top so as the colour can drip from it and it leaves precise fine lines on the cloth. A woollen cloth or a cotton rug or foam is tied with a thread on the pen from where it is holed. The drawing is done by the kalam; which needs to be soaked in the colour for about 10 minutes. The cloth rug which is tied to the kalam needs to be pressed gently and the kalam needs to be drawn smoothly without any breakage and stoppage while working on the cloth so as to get perfect lines without any extra dripping or blots of the colour. These sarees are not just fabrics they are very long pieces of painting and are priceless. I work with some very talented kalamkari artists who create some of the most wonderful and precious pieces for me.