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Identifying a handwoven Banarasi Silk Saree

Identifying a handwoven Banarasi Silk Saree
Finding a Banarasi saree is not difficult, but finding an authentic handloom saree can be challenging if one is not sure about what to look for. There are plenty of fake variants of handloom products available at unbelievably low prices. Here are some tips from the skilled weavers from Banaras which will help you when you are purchasing your handwoven banarasi silk saree.
  • Pure Silk feels warm to touch, when you rub gently on your palms and finger you will feel a warm sensation. It is not possible to feel this warmth with impure silk.
  • A handwoven saree will have certain irregularities in the weave and loose threads which is a sign of its authenticity. It will never be flawless like the machine-made power loom alternatives. The slight imperfections make these sarees truly special and valuable.
  • Small tiny pin holes on the edges of the banarasi sarees are another sign of a handwoven saree.
Ayush Kejriwal’s Banarasi saree collection
I have worked with skilled weavers from Banaras and designed some exquisite handwoven banarasi silk sarees that are truly beautiful. I try to work with the weavers in India to give this age-old craft a new lease of life, presenting the beauty of handloom products to the global market. You can check out my collection of wedding wear Banarasi sarees here.

Remember you can pay in instalments and we offer free worldwide shipping too. Please what’s app me on 00447840384707 if you have any questions or need further assistance.

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