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How to spot a fake pen Kalamkari Saree

How to spot a fake pen Kalamkari Saree

There are many handprinted pen Kalamkari Sarees available in the market. But are they really hand painted?

Below are a few things you need to be mindful of before you buy your Kalamkari Saree:

  •  Authentic Pen Kalamkari sarees are made with natural colours using vegetable dyes. The real handmade kalamkari sarees will always be of earthy muted tones with a faded look. They will never be vibrant or brightly coloured as that is impossible to achieve with natural dyes. The bright coloured Kalamkari sarees that you comes across on social media is generally made from chemical dyes and are not authentic.
  • Screen and digitally printed ones look perfect whereas authentic hand-painted kalamkaris have irregularities. The crooked lines, smudged paint and small stains are the signs to lookout for in an authentic kalamakri saree. These imperfections are what adds to the beauty of the sarees.
  • The smell of milk is another prominent factor as it is involved in the process of making kalamkari sarees. The smell is not a sign of the saree being of bad quality, in fact it is another sign to look for when it comes to its authenticity. 

TIP - to get rid of the smell, open and place your Kalamkari saree in a room and light an incense stick for two or three days before you want to wear it. Do not leave it in direct sunlight and never store it away after ironing it, wait for it to be cooled completely

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